Aluminium cans transformed into art

Have a look at these works by Detroit artist Noah Deledda. Made by hand, the artist uses pressure on the can to form dents and creases in its surface resulting in these amazing three-dimensional geometric patterns. Deledda’s process begins by

ATC Calendar

I’ve just signed off the artwork for the ATC 2019 calendar – take a look. I think it’s our best one yet. Let us know if you want to be on the list!

Check out this beautiful aluminium chair

Called “Slice Chair”, the design started as clay, hand- made to designer Mathias Bengtsson’s preferred shape and was then scanned and remade from three millimetre aluminium sheet. The sheets were laser cut and hand assembled by Bengstsson over many months

Amazing aluminium house

Take a look at this amazing aluminium clad, top-heavy house built in Madrid by architect Fran Silvestre. Featuring a roof terrace that spans the entire width of the building and extends out towards a swimming pool, the top-heavy first floor is clad

Aluminium comes alive

Check out these aluminium wire artworks by Brooklyn-based Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park. Each figure in this series entitled Human, is remarkably life like, down to the finest detail of the human body (including wispy locks of hair) and includes

Check out this house made with 22,000 flattened aluminium cans.

Aluminium cans are one of the most readily recycled items that we throw away, but this idea had nothing to do with art or the environment, as Richard Van Os Keuls, an architect from Silver Spring Maryland was simply looking