Our Cutting Policy

When you order sheet, plate or a standard extrusion you will have two options:

  1. Order a full piece or standard cut – these vary according to size and weight.
  2. Order a custom cut. You can order any multiple of any size and the total price shown for your order will include cutting.

For complicated cutting requirements – such as 2 or more sizes cut from one length – please use the “Custom Quote” facility where you will have the chance to specify exactly how your order is to be made or contact ATC direct. One cut is free, and all subsequent cuts are $1 each

When cutting metal bar, due to saw blade widths each cut causes a small loss of material from the length (about 4mm). Therefore if you need a length cut into many equal pieces, please take this into consideration for the final cut length. This does not apply to sheet or plate.

We endeavour to cut accurately but please note that being a stockist, we offer a standard tolerance of +/-3mm. If you need greater accuracy, please let us know.

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