Aluminium Flyscreen Frames & Hardware

Shop our range of Flyscreen Frames, Mesh and Accessories. Create strong flyscreen frames to protect your home from flies and other insects. Made from sturdy extruded aluminium to suit all types of flyscreen mesh and screens.

An aluminium flyscreen frame is a great choice, thanks to its durability, cost and range of powder coated, mill finish or anodised flyscreen frame options. We can arrange custom colours for any of our flyscreen frames, along with a number of standard colours.

Build your own Flyscreen Frames

We carry in stock the aluminium frames, spline and mesh that are required to make your own fly screens.

Aluminium Flyscreen Extruded Frames

Our Aluminium Frames are 25mm wide x 11mm tall and come in 2.5 and 5m lengths. (Custom cut available). Choose from a range of powder coated colours, as well as traditional mill finish or anodised.

Flyscreen Mesh

Keep out the flies with our fibreglass mesh. Easy to install, this flyscreen is suitable for a wide range of applications, including windows, doors, verandahs and sitting rooms.

Spline, Tracks and Stakes (Accessories)

Installing your own frames? We also sell corner stakes and spline – all the specialised components and hardware that you may require to install your new flyscreens.

FAQs about our Fly Screen Frames, Mesh and Accessories

What do I need to make my own flyscreen frames?

To build your own frames you will need to purchase;

  1. Extruded Aluminium Frame in your preferred colour (the length should be the sum of all the sides of the frame)
  2. Spline to hold in your mesh screen
  3. Flywire or mesh screen roll.
  4. A Double Bottom Track, or “Running Track :
  5. A spline tool, and tools to cut your frame (hacksaw) and mesh (scissors, stanley knife).

Can you paint aluminum window frames?

Yes you can paint. aluminium windows frames. However, the general consensus is spray is a more effective method. Our frames can be ordered in custom colours - so you won’t need to paint a thing!

How do you install flyscreen mesh?

  1. Remove your old mesh screen from the frame.
  2. Start by removing the spline with a flathead screwdriver (the rubber piece that holds the frame into place).
  3. Life the old mesh out of the frame.
  4. Clean your aluminium frame with a paper towel
  5. Roll out your new flyscreen mesh, and place it over the frame. The mesh should hang over the frame at least 2.5cm over the edges of the frame
  6. Cut the screen so the roll is no longer attached
  7. For an easy installation, place the fibreglass mesh over the frame, and run your spline tool (looks like a pizza cutter) over the mesh, to crease the mesh into the channel.
  8. Now that you have these, begin pressing the spline (start at a corner) into the flyscreen channel.
  9. When you get to the final side, make sure the mesh is tight.
  10. Once all your spline is all in, cut off the extra flyscreen mesh.

How do you cut a metal screen frame?

Lay the metal flat on top of a table. To cut the metal frame you can use a mitre saw or a hacksaw to mitre the corner (diagonal cut). ATC can mitre your frames on request. You then will put these together with our door corner stakes.

What is a Double Bottom Track?

Double Track (Double Channel) with a "T" centre leg is used for wardrobe and cabinet sliding doors, where the doors need space to pass between each other, usually as they have protruding fittings from handles.


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