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Why is aluminium so popular?

Aluminium does not rust and is resistant to corrosion. It is also a malleable, durable material and depending on which alloy you choose, can be very strong. At about a third of the density of steel is also very lightweight. Aluminium can come in a variety of finishes such as powder coat and anodised so it is suitable for a broad range of applications. For all these reasons, aluminium is the most used non-ferrous metal.

What type of aluminium products do you have?

At Aluminium Trade Centre we have all the bases covered. From aluminium angle through to custom extrusions, with over 800 types of extrusion, sheet and hardware we have Melbourne’s most comprehensive range of aluminium supplies available. Whether you need a mill finish, powder coated or anodised aluminium, whatever the application we have you covered.

Can you help me with a technical question regarding the use of aluminium?

We have experts on hand to take any form of enquiry and are happy to help you in determining whether aluminium is the right solution for your project and if so, what product would serve you best. Call us on (03) 9544 6659.

Why are there different aluminium alloys?

Aluminium can be alloyed with a number of different other metals to give it desired qualities for so many different uses.  Most of the aluminium we stock is made from 6060 or 6063 alloy for extrusion, and 5000 series alloy for sheet. These are the “goldilocks” alloys that most customers want in that they are not too hard or too soft and reasonably formable and weldable.

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Why are there different aluminium tempers?

Tempering of aluminium is another way of giving it various desired properties. As a general rule, lower temper means softer and higher temper means harder. Most of our extrusions are sold in T5 temper, which gives a good balance of strength and hardness. We also source structural extrusions for the construction industry in T6 and bending tubes in T4 temper.

What colours can I get my powder-coated aluminium in?

We stock our most popular powder coated aluminium angles in black and white. We can custom colour powder coat your aluminium when ordered by arrangement.

How long will it take you to manufacture my custom aluminium extrusions?

Depending on the job requirements however we normally estimate 60 – 90 days from order through to delivery. Custom work is handled directly by the owner of Aluminium Trade Centre. For enquiries and quotations please call (03) 9544 6659 and ask for Stephen.

Why should I buy from Aluminium Trade Centre?

Unlike many of other suppliers we focus squarely on customer service. If you come to our Trade Centre our friendly staff will take your order and then cut and prepare it right away, on the spot. You don’t have to go through layers of bureaucracy or deal with multiple staff to get what you need. We live to make our customers feel special!

Where can I see your products on display?

We have samples on display at both of our locations in Noble Park and Carrum Downs. You can view our range whilst taking advantage of on-the-spot expert advice.

How do I care and maintain my aluminium?

One of the best things about aluminium is that it requires next to no maintenance apart from the occasional clean. With that said, do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scrapers, scourers or chemicals when cleaning your aluminium products.

Do your aluminium products comply with Australian standards?

ATC complies with all Australian standards regarding the sale of aluminium products and all our material is sourced from ASI rated extrusion mills.

Do you deal with the general public or just trade?

More than just aluminium wholesale, we are open for business to everyone who has aluminium requirements. Whether it be builders, DIY’s, architects, renovators, fabricators or large manufacturing companies or people coming in off the street our aim is to cater for everyone.

How can I get prices for your products?

We offer no charge obligation free quotes for all of our products. Simply give us a call on (03) 9544 6659 or come down and visit one of our sales centres in Noble Park or Carrum Downs.

Do you deliver aluminium outside of Melbourne?

We deliver to country Victoria with our partners Geelong Flyer, however shipping rates and delivery dates will vary. Our recommendation is to contact us well in advance to ensure you can get your material at the best price and in time for your project. Call us directly on (03) 9544 6659 to discuss your options. Deliveries for outside of Victoria for bulk goods can also be arranged, but for small quantities we recommend that you make your own arrangements and make pick up from either our Noble Park or Carrum Downs centre.

Do you provide a warranty on your products?

ATC will accept returns on stock provided the goods are returned within 7 days and are in as new condition.

What are your opening hours?

We are open all trading days, Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm (both locations) and Saturday 9:00am to 12:00pm (Noble Park only).

Where does aluminium come from?

Aluminium is extracted from bauxite and is then refined into a powdery white substance called alumina. The alumina is then sent to a smelter where it is subjected to electrolysis, which separates out the aluminium metal.

Is aluminium recyclable?

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and not only this, can be infinitely recycled without losing any of its unique properties.

Does recycling aluminium save energy?

Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy required to produce aluminium from bauxite ore.

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