Refund and returns policy

A couple of basic principles first –

  • If we’ve made an error, we will make it right
  • Whenever possible, we try to make the most customer-friendly decisions we can
  • It’s our first priority to make sure that you’re happy with your experience at Aluminium Trade Centre

The best return policies are the ones you don’t have to use. As you place an order with us, please confirm that the sizes and quantities are accurate. In addition, check your email confirmations to make certain that the materials are correct.

Finally, we need to know as quickly as reasonably possible if there is an issue with an order. For this reason, we request that you contact us regarding a problem within 15 days after receipt.

Cancelling Orders:
Customer service is our top priority. We understand that mistakes are made, and orders sometimes need to be cancelled or postponed. When that’s the case, please call us immediately. An order can only be cancelled if we haven’t cut it yet. This generally happens no more than 4-6 hours after an order is placed. Please call rather than e-mail your cancellation.

  • If the item has been cut to a standard size, we’ll issue your refund, minus a 30% restocking fee.
  • Once an item is custom cut, it cannot be cancelled or returned. There are limited exceptions to this, depending upon the length or size of the product. As always, we will try to work with you, so call us and we’ll try to help reach a satisfactory result.

If you’ve ordered incorrectly:

We all make mistakes, and Aluminium Trade Centre understands that. As a general rule, we are unable to refund shipping charges on returns where we’ve provided what you’ve asked for, and you’ll be responsible for shipping the materials back to us.

Our policy on orders placed in error (quantity/material/size/colour) depends in large part on whether the material was custom-cut or was a standard size.

Standard Cut Materials:
If the item has been cut to a standard size, we’ll issue your refund, minus a 30% restocking fee.

Custom Cut Materials:
We are generally unable to provide refunds on custom cut materials, as under most circumstances they cannot be resold. However, there are exceptions to every rule, so call and we’ll attempt to work with you. (Custom cut material is requested via the custom cut calculator on our website, and have dimensions other than our standard linear or millimetres.)

Cancellation of non-stock order:
We will always consider these situations on a case by case basis. If we are able to back out of the order on our end we will gladly support your efforts to cancel the order. In the end as long as you’re happy we know you will come back to us again.

If we’ve made a mistake…
We’re proud of our record for delivering quality product, and our packaging is second to none in the industry. Issues can and will happen, though.

Incorrect or Damaged Materials:

If we’ve made an error in product, quantity, or quality, please call us right away, so that we can apologize and discuss options for refund or replacement. (Please report within 15 days of delivery.)

Shipping material back to us:
If you need to return a standard size item, you may ship it back to us via a carrier that can provide tracking numbers.

To make a return, please call us at (03) 9544 6659 with your order number and the tracking number for the returned standard cut item, so that we can process your refund. Please return the item to the address on the “return address label.”

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