Aluminium comes alive

Check out these aluminium wire artworks by Brooklyn-based Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park. Each figure in this series entitled Human, is remarkably life like, down to the finest detail of the human body (including wispy locks of hair) and includes

Check out this house made with 22,000 flattened aluminium cans.

Aluminium cans are one of the most readily recycled items that we throw away, but this idea had nothing to do with art or the environment, as Richard Van Os Keuls, an architect from Silver Spring Maryland was simply looking

Fancy driving the all aluminium Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo? With magical specifications and a ‘virtual aluminium space frame body’, Mercedes say the car is ‘unrivalled in the supercar segment’. Which all sounds great except for just one minor issue:

Check out this beautiful children’s playground made from 990 pleated aluminium shingles.

  Designed by Marc Fornes of new York design studio Theverymany, each piece of aluminium was digitally prefabricated to ensure maximum strength across the whole form. Overlapping pleats create a continuous configuration, adding rigidity to the structure. Entitled “Pleated Inflation”,

Check out the world’s largest aluminium extrusion on display as arty furniture at London’s Haunch Of Venison gallery.

Commissioned by designer Thomas Heatherwick, these six mirror polished benches are made without fixtures or fittings. The pieces have a unique, dramatic form that combines… Continue reading

Aluminium Sculpture

This beautiful aluminium sculpture was made by Perth based artist Johannes Pannekoek for Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe. This event is held annually in Perth… Continue reading