Amazing aluminium house

Take a look at this amazing aluminium clad, top-heavy house built in Madrid by architect Fran Silvestre.

Featuring a roof terrace that spans the entire width of the building and extends out towards a swimming pool, the top-heavy first floor is clad in aluminium panels, while the ground floor is covered in a light stone like the surrounding paving.

Silvestre wanted the two-storey-high Aluminium House to appear smaller than it actually is and so to achieve this, tried to make the top level feel like the main storey, and the lower level an extension of the patio. The large roof terrace cantilevers out from the first floor towards the pool, creating a shaded area beneath.

Both floors feature walls of glazing facing out over the swimming pool and the roof terrace also features a frameless glass balustrade, so as not to interrupt the view.

The whole thing is totally amazing, but golly, I’m not sure I could actually live there. If I left even one pair of dirty undies on the floor the architect police would come around and arrest me!

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