How to choose the right aluminium alloy

Aluminium alloys

An “alloy” is a metal blended from different elements, often to enhance the strength and durability of the material. Aluminium is typically alloyed with silicon, tin or manganese depending on the desired application. With the right combination of elements, aluminium can acquire a lot more strength, and in some cases, even outperform steel!

So how do you know which aluminium alloy is right for you?

Ultimately, it’s all about how you are going to use the aluminium alloy.

For example, if strength is the most important factor to your project, you should probably choose an alloy in the 6,000 series – such as 6060 or 6063. For structural applications grades the most popular alloys are 6061 or 6005. Most aluminium extrusions we sell at ATC are in this series whereas most of our sheet and flat products are sold in a 5000 series.

Another aspect to consider when purchasing aluminium is the temper. For applications requiring bending you would commonly use T4, whereas if you wanted to maximise hardness, T6 would be preferred.

Totally confused? Fear not – it’s all clearly explained here; Aluminium alloys breakdown. Aluminum Trade Centre are expert aluminum trade supplies, so if you need to discuss, call us up and have a chat!

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