What can you do with aluminium tread plate?

ute with tread plateAluminium Tread (or Chequer) plate is used in decorative, architectural applications and shipbuilding. Being non-corrosive, it does not require painting, making if very low maintenance.

This plate can be easily formed, is easy to drill and has generally good weldability. Chequer plate is a great option for situations needing high levels of hygiene, so we supply this to many of our customer who make cool rooms. The plate is easy to clean as dirt can be brushed or wiped off it and stains can be removed easily. Being light, chequer plate is also easy to replace with little or no effort needed. Many of the Utes you see around town have their mobile tool lockers made with chequer plate.

Aluminium Chequer Plate is used in the following applications:

  • Corner guard for walls (interior decoration)
  • Door kicking plate
  • Stair treads
  • Decoration in modern car floors
  • Tread decking
  • Floors for elevators
  • Commercial use – shopping centres with high foot fall


ATC sells chequer plate in thickness ranging from 1.6 to 6mm, and our standard size is 1.2 x 2.4 metres. Larger sizes can be ordered on request.

What is the difference between aluminium chequer plate and diamond plate?

People use many terms to describe this sheet including Chequer Plate, Diamond Plate and Tread Plate. The ‘correct’ term is probably Chequer Plate – as it’s the most common way to describe this sheet worldwide.

  • Diamond Plate is more often used to describe flooring sheet.
  • Tread Plate is often used to describe sheeting for stairs.
  • Chequer (or sometimes checker) is used to describe the sheets themselves.

But not matter what you call it, ATC will be happy to supply it to you!

Tread Plate


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