Aluminium Hollow Rectangular Extrusions

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We offer a wide selection of aluminium rectangular hollow extrusions, also known as aluminium RHS. They come in various finishes, including custom colours, making them highly adaptable for a range of projects. These versatile bars provide durability and a seamless, clean design. With their straight corners, these aluminium extrusions are suitable for diverse structural applications. When selecting your option, ID stands for Internal Dimension, the inside measurement of the hollow. We supply a range of rectangular hollows which are available in mill finish. Custom colours can also be ordered by arrangement. When selecting your option, ID stands for Internal Dimension, the inside measurement of the hollow. Browse online or in-store at Aluminium Trade Centre in Carrum Downs and Noble Park.

About Aluminium Rectangular Hollow Extrusions

Aluminium rectangular hollows are used for a broad variety of structural purposes and for making a square edge. Our aluminium rectangular hollows have straight, square corners both inside and outside, with no weld seam. Sizes with a radius feature rounded internal or external corners, enhancing structural strength. We provide aluminium rectangular tubes in various sizes and lengths, including custom options to reduce waste and costs. Whether you require these for structural or design purposes, our aluminium rectangular hollow bars offer practical solutions. Contact us for more information about our aluminium rectangular hollow variations.

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