Aluminium Drawn Tube 19.05 x 1.42 - I.D. 16.21mm

Our high quality Drawn Tube has a consistent outer size and wall thickness, which is free from tapering or variance throughout the length. We carry drawn tubes in mill finish, and clear anodised finish is also available. Custom colours can be ordered by arrangement. 
Round Tube is also available here.

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Drawn Tube obtains its properties by the drawing process, which provides a smooth finish with no seams, low variation, as well as enhanced bending, flaring and formability. The process adds strength and also provides extra dimensional control which is not available in ordinary extruded round tube of the same alloy and size.
Drawn Tube from Aluminium Trade Centre can be used for any application requiring telescoping or high specification.
What's the difference between pipe and tube?
A pipe is generally measured by inside diameter, whereas tube is measured by outside diameter. 

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