Check out this beautiful children’s playground made from 990 pleated aluminium shingles.

pleated-inflation-theverymany-02-255768_slide[1]  pleated-inflation-theverymany-01-255763_slide[1]

Designed by Marc Fornes of new York design studio Theverymany, each piece of aluminium was digitally prefabricated to ensure maximum strength across the whole form. Overlapping pleats create a continuous configuration, adding rigidity to the structure.

Entitled “Pleated Inflation”, the structure is part art installation and part childnren’s playground shelter built on a school ground in Argeles-Sur-Mer, France under the “1% Artistique” program which ensures one percent of the budget for any public building is allocated to some form or artwork. In addition to being an energetic and eye-catching sculpture, the amphitheatre doubles as a functional space for school children. On a sunny day, students are splashed by a shower of twisted light rays and ornate shadows cast by the perforated pleats. A layer of vibrant colours add a playful boldness, inviting students to approach and explore the construct.

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