Garden Edging Edge - 80 x 3 - Mill Finish (EX4010)

Our aluminium garden edge is durable and strong, yet flexible enough so that you can create any shape you want. ATC provides the aluminium strips as well as the pegs to hold them in place. The number of pegs you need will vary from spacing them every 1m up to 3m depending on the stability of the edging. Factors include how much of the edging is buried in the soil and if the length is to be straight, or if curved, how tight the radius is. Usually every 2m is sufficient. Discover our aluminium garden edge at our Carrum Downs and Noble Park locations online or an in-store visit.
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About Aluminium Garden Edging

  • Easy installation - simply replace wood planks with aluminium
  • Lasts forever - no fading, no rust, no rot.
  • Slim line - square modern look compared to other systems with rounded edges.

We supply a very simple system using aluminium strip and galvanised steel pegs whereas other ranges on the market require you to purchase various joiners and fiddly hardware. You can order your aluminium edging pieces pre-cut to whatever sizes you require or you can trim them yourself on site as aluminium is quite soft and can be cut with an angle grinder

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