Aluminium Sheet 2 x 1200 x 2400 (100115)

You are now shopping the shiny, smooth plate 2mm Mill Finish Aluminium Flat Sheet. This product can be cut to specifically sized, right angled cuts for you. Other sizes, alloys and finishes can all be ordered by arrangement. To view other sizes in the range click here
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What Are Aluminium Flat Sheets?

Aluminium flat sheets are used in many different industries to be bent, stamped, cut and moulded to make into packaging, vehicle bodies, appliances, cookware and construction. Across our cities and towns many of our buildings are clad with it - and these days enormous sums of money are being spend to replace non-compliant cladding with flat aluminium sheet that is non-flammable. Our customers use Flat sheet for a thousand and one DIY uses; to patch holes in boats, cars, caravans and floors. To cut and bend into shapes for roofing and guttering, in bathrooms and on walls - anywhere that a resilient and easy to use piece of flat material is required.

How Do You Cut Aluminium Flat Sheets?

Depending on the thickness and grade, aluminium sheet can be cut with a variety of tools. For thin aluminium sheets you can use tin snips, for heavier grade aluminium flat sheets, a jigsaw or angle grinder can be used. However using these tools will not result in a perfectly straight or even line. 

For a more professional look, you can pay for laser or water jet cutting that can cut any shape out of your aluminium sheet with perfect accuracy (though you will have to provide a CAD file, or pay for one to be used by the machines). 

For straight edges, Aluminium Trade Centre can cut your aluminium flat sheet into any size or shape with our guillotine - resulting in a perfectly straight lines (right angle, and straight lines only). We cut all sizes up to 6mm thick.

What Aluminium Flat Sheet Grades Does ATC Sell?

Sheet can be made from any aluminium alloy, but ATC principally sells these three grades:

5005 alloy aluminium sheet is a "goldilocks" alloy, great for architectural uses, sheet metal working and for high strength foil. It can also be easily bent, cut machined and anodised.

5052 is often called "marine grade" - and as the name implies is used especially for boatbuilding or in seaside locations.

5083 is a structural grade alloy used for all jobs that need high strength. ATC carries it only in the thicker sizes - 5mm and 6mm. It is also a great alloy for marine environments and for pressure vessels. Not recommended for uses over 65 degrees Celsius.

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