Custom Aluminium Extrusions

As well as our stock range of extrusions, ATC supplies custom made extrusions to a wide range of industries including the construction, manufacturing, fabrication and automotive industries.

For your custom extrusion shapes, ATC will organise die fabrication and extrusion manufacturing from the most appropriate mill based on your requirements.
ATC can also provide finishing services including fabrication, powder coating and anodising.

ATC sources from Australia and around the world. As an independent company ATC is free to choose the most appropriate and cost effective production method, tailored for your job.

Custom work is handled directly by the owner / manager of ATC, Stephen Stanford. For enquiries and quotations contact: [email protected] or call (03) 9544 6659.

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Frequently asked questions

What are aluminum extrusions used for?

Aluminium extrustions are used for manufacturing and construction, for example making caravans, toilet partitions, industrial doors, bathroom fittings, light fittings, seating, boating – we even have one customer who makes penny farthing bicycles: "Penny Farthing Dan"

Are aluminum extrusions strong?

Aluminium extrustions can be strong depending on what the intended use is. T4 temper is for items that need bending. 6061 alloy and t6 temper are better suited for greater rigidity and strength. Custom extrusions can be optimised depending on the customers needs and end use.

Are aluminum extrusions straight?

All extrusions are straight (think of dough coming through a cookie cutter). They can then be bent or fabricated after production depending on the customer needs.

What are Aluminium profiles used for?

An aluminium profile is another name for extrusion. They are very commonly used to create window and door systems, and can be found in thousands of applications for the building and manufacturing industries.

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